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Thatched Home Insurance – With you all the way

We don’t just sell you an insurance policy then forget about you. You might not need or want to contact us again, in which case that’s fine. But if you do need extra support services throughout the lifetime of your policy, we’re always happy to step in and make sure your cover remains fully relevant and broad enough for your needs… whatever life throws at you.

Insurance for thatched properties – Invaluable expert support

Feel free to treat us as your one-stop-shop for everything about insurance for thatched buildings. As long as you own your gorgeous thatched property, we’re here to help you make the most of it.

Get the right thatch insurance cover
– We will help you work out the type of cover that’ll suit you and your circumstances best

Pay the lowest thatched home insurance rates
– We will make sure you get the best available rates and pay a fair price

Insure your thatched home for the right amounts
– We’re here to support you in calculating the right sums to insure your building and its contents for

Recommend reputable insurers
– It’s our job to track down suitable cover with a reputable insurance company

There for your policy’s entire lifetime
– We’re happy to support you throughout the life of your policy, helping you make essential changes, amendments and additions to your cover quickly and easily

Insurance claims support
– We’re perfectly placed to advise people with insurance claims. We’ll leverage our expertise to look after your interests

Fascinating insights
– Our regularly-updated blog looks at the wonderful world of thatched homes from top to bottom, inside and out, examining every aspect of ownership from an expert perspective

Avoid delays, underwriting issues, unfair ‘special conditions’ , excesses and policy endorsements.

Specially designed affordable thatch insurance plus invaluable help, advice and support for the owners of thatched homes.

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