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2. Property Information

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How long have you lived in a thatched property?

How old is the building?

If your property is listed, is it:

Construction of the Property

Main House


What are the walls made of?


Percentage of roof thatch







Is the property free from flooding and not in the vicinity of any rivers, streams or tidal waters?

Is the property free from signs of subsidence, landslip or heave and not in an area where there has been a history of these causes or been monitored for these causes in the past?

Are there any trees or shrubs more than 3.2m (10 feet) tall within 6.4m (20 feet) of the property?

Is the property in a good state of repair?

Are you planning any building works in the near future?

When was the electrical installation last checked?

Please Note - We require a copy of the latest inspection report within 30 days of the policy being taken out

What precautions are in place? Multiple choices can be made

How is the property heated? Multiple choices can be made

Do you burn any form of solid fuel including wood?

If 'yes', what type of appliance is used?

How many enclosed solid wood burning stoves are in use?

Do you know the heat rating kilowattages (kw) of the stove(s)?

Is the chimney to the stove fully lined and insulated?

When was the stove and liner installed?

How often is the stove normally used?

If the property has a slate or tiled roof extension, does the chimney to the stove pass through this or the thatched roof?

If the chimney passes through the slate / tiled roof, what is the distance from the nearest thatch?

Are the tops of the chimney(s) more than 1 metre above the surrounding thatch?

Please note - We require chimneys to solid fuel appliances and fires to be swept before use in the Autumn and again within 6 month

When was the roof last inspected by a thatcher?

Are all external doors secured by 5-lever mortice deadlocks or cylinder locks complying to BS 3621?

Are all opening, accessible windows fitted with key-operated locks?

Please provide details of any alarm system:

Is the alarm maintained annually by a NACOSS or SSAIB approved company?

Please provide brief details of any other security arrangements (e.g. safe, neighbourhood watch, etc)...

3. Claims

Have you or any person living with you sustained any loss or damage during the past five years (which would have been covered by this type of insurance had it been in force)?

If yes, please provide date, details and amount of each loss or damage incident below:




Claim 1




Claim 2




Claim 3




Claim 4




Has any insurer declined to accept, cancelled, refused to continue or agreed to continue only on special terms (Any insurance for the proposer or any other person to whom this insurance would apply)?

4. Statement of Values

Buildings: Cover under this section is for physical loss or damage and includes all garages and out buildings used for domestic purposes together with any permanently installed swimming pools, tennis courts, drives, patios and terraces, walls, gates, fences, hedges and fixed tanks within the property to be insured.

Full rebuilding costs including demolition, site clearance and professional fees:

Excess required:

Standard Policy Excess is £150

Landslip / Subsidence and Heave Excess is £1000

If your home is mortgaged please provide the following information:

Name of Lender

Mortgage Number

Address of Lender

Contents and valuables: Cover under this section is for physical loss or damage and includes worldwide cover for items temporarily removed from your home including clothing, baggage and other personal possessions up to the contents sum insured chosen. Certain categories (jewellery, precious medals, etc) are subject to the limits set out in the keyfacts documents unless itemised below:

Total value of antiques and works of art (current market value)
(individual items £10,000 and above must be specified)

Total value of Gold, Silver and Silver Plated items (current market value)
(Individual items £5,000 and above must be specified)

Total value of Jewellery and Furs (current market value)
(Individual items £5,000 and above must be specified and current valuations supplied)

Total value of any collections, e.g. coins, stamps, medals, etc (current market value)
Please describe below:

Total value of contents excluding totals above (full cost replacement as new)

Claims settlements on items of clothing over 2 years old will be subject to wear and tear

Excess required:

Standard Policy Excess is £150

Landslip / Subsidence and Heave Excess is £1000

Specified items (see above):

5. Last Questions - Test

Have you or any other person residing with you been convicted of, or charged with but not tried for, any offence other than a driving offence?

What is your current renewal date?

Who is your current insurer?

How would you like to be contacted for a quotation?

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