Part of WF Risk Group, Thatchline is an independent, family owned and run business. Our unique blend of experience, insight and ingenuity has been giving our clients an edge for over 20 years.

At Thatchline, we are trusted providers of insurance, with special expertise in the area of thatched, listed, heritage and high value homes.

We are a highly experienced thatch home insurance broker who understands the specific risks that come with insuring thatched homes. We have a panel of leading insurers and our team know where to find the finest quality of cover for the best value of money.

What our clients say


I found Tom Barclay extremely helpful and professional. Very glad to be dealing with Playle Russell.

(Ms S Deane)


Really great service by Tom Barclay. Very quick quote and excellent price for my specialist enquiry. Thank you!

(Ms S Ford)


We have a GII thatched cob / chalk block / rubble and brick built cottage in Dorset. Having had the run around with various well known firms (saying they could not cover for variety of reasons and or wanting to charge an extortionate amount) we found Tom Barclay at Thatchline / Playle Russell extremely competitive, professional, efficient and an all round pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend!

(David & Nicki)


Pat, A note to reaffirm my gratitude for your friendly, skilled, helpful, patient and, above all, life-changing guidance through  the complexities of my Insurance Renewal for Orin Cottage.  It was warmly appreciated.  Thank you so much.

(Mr R Dunkley)


Already have a thatched home?

If you already own a thatched home, how about contacting us at renewal to see if we’ll get you a better deal?

If you’re considering buying a house with a thatch roof, thatched home insurance is our speciality and we’re always delighted to answer questions.

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